• 15Apr

    We recently attended the April DC Food Blogger Happy Hour at Alba Osteria in DC. The food was excellent, and it is nice that all pizzas are half off on happy hour. Above are some pictures of the evening’s food highlights.


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  • 14Apr

    May 2014 DCFBHHMay’s DC Food Blogger Happy Hour will be at Mio Restaurant. This month’s Hosts are Chito of RUNINout and Bindesh of DesiGrub.

    Please only RSVP ‘Yes’ if you will definitely attend, and keep your RSVPs updated. We need a good count for the restaurant.


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  • 12Apr

    Filmfest DC is returning for its 28th and final year! The festival runs April 17th -through April 27th. Unfortunately, the festival is $250,000 short of the funding needed to return next year, so if you have any pull with local investors or county governments, the festival can use your help.

    This year, one of the main themes is right along our lines, Feast Your Eyes: Films on Food. Below are the pictures, descriptions, and schedule for films selected for this year’s Feast Your Eyes series.



    Filmfest DC - Le ChefLe Chef:   Daniel Cohen – France, Spain – 84 mins
    In this delicious comedy about the behind-the-scenes antics in the food industry, Jean Reno plays veteran chef Alexandre Lagarde, who runs a three-star restaurant that carries his name. A new CEO wants to modernize and bring in a new menu, or chef. As Lagarde frets over his future, brash young cook Jacky (Michaël Youn) stumbles into his kitchen. Jacky … more
    Sun, April 20    7:00 PM    Landmark E Street Cinema
    Tue, April 22    6:30 PM    Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema

    Filmfest DC - EdenEden:   Michael Hofmann – Germany, Switzerland – 93 mins
    Eden was presented by Filmfest DC eight years ago and though raved about by our audience, never received commercial distribution in the United States. This year’s Feast Your Eyes series provides reason to give it a reprise. Writer-director Michael Hofmann mixes disparate emotions into a filling meal of a film. Eden is the beguiling  … more
    Sun, April 20    4:45 PM    Landmark E Street Cinema
    Wed, April 23    6:30 PM    Landmark E Street Cinema

    Filmfest DC - love & lemonsLove and Lemons:   Teresa Fabik – Sweden – 99 mins
    At first, Agnes (Rakel Wärmländer) seems to have everything going for her: a job at an upscale restaurant, a rock-star boyfriend, and good friends and family. When she gets wrongly fired by her cruel boss and dumped by her cheating boyfriend on the same day, it’s time for some soul searching. Agnes decides to join a former colleague in starting their own … more
    Wed, April 23    6:30 PM    AMC Mazza Gallerie
    Thu, April 24    8:30 PM    AMC Mazza Gallerie

    Filmfest DC - PaulettePaulette:   Jérôme Enrico – France – 87 mins
    This crowd-pleasing comedy focuses on Paulette (Bernadette Lafont), who used to run a lovely restaurant filled with friends, music, and fabulous food. Now that she’s a widow living in a housing project outside of Paris, she’s unable to make ends meet on her meager pension. While making her rounds between the church—where she complains instead of confesses—and … more
    Wed, April 23    8:45 PM    Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema
    Fri, April 25    6:30 PM    Embassy of France

    Filmfest DC - Romantic BrasserieRomantic Brasserie:   Joël Vanhoebrouck – Belgium – 97 mins
    Forty-something Pascaline runs a brasserie and her exquisite dining room is fully booked for Valentine’s Day. She thinks she is fully prepared and ready for the heart-shaped holiday, but how could she predict that an old flame from 20 years ago would walk in and ask her to go with him to Rio? Her diners must also cope with the unexpected. There’s Rose, a … more
    Sat, April 19    2:15 PM    Landmark E Street Cinema
    Mon, April 21    6:30 PM    Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema
    Thu, April 24    8:30 PM    Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema

    Filmfest DC - Zone Pro SiteZone Pro Site: A Moveable Feast:   Yu-Hsun Chen – Taiwan – 145 mins
    Taiwan’s traditional ban-doh, an outdoor market where rival caterers vie for the public’s taste buds, is given a magical, musical, and colorful treatment in this stylishly fun film. On the run from her deadbeat boyfriend’s creditors and escaping a failed modeling career, perky Wan (Kimi Hsia), the daughter of a ban-doh chef, returns home to find … more
    Sat, April 19    6:15 PM    Landmark E Street Cinema
    Sat, April 26    3:00 PM    Landmark E Street Cinema

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  • 01Apr

    April DCFBHH Alba OsteriaReminder:

    Next DC Food Blogger Happy Hour is at Alba Osteria tomorrow (Wednesday April 2nd), 6-8pm.

    We will be tasting the delicious Piemontese-inspired cuisine of Executive Chef Roberto Donna and Chef de Cuisine Amy Brandwein.

    Please RSVP here and keep your RSVPs updated, since we need a good count for the restaurant!

    Your Hosts this month are Lili Kocsis of My Amused Bouche and Laetitia-Laure Brock from French Twist D.C.


  • 30Mar

    Product Reviews:

    I used the new spice rub from Dizzy Pig, Bayou-ish, on various baked chicken dishes. This great tasting rub is designed for searing and blackening, but can also be used for baking or stir frying.

    I purchased two of Farmstead Ferments’ sauerkrauts from Relay Foods: the Apple Kraut (made with red cabbage) and the Classic Kraut. The producer is based in Charlottesville, VA, and creates raw, naturally-fermented foods and beverages made by hand in small batches. She uses “eco-locally grown” fruits and vegetables. You don’s want to kill the probiotics, so don’t cook the kraut. I use the krauts on good whole wheat Portuguese rolls with turkey sausages and mustard, but use a sweeter mustard (such as honey Dijon) with the (extremely strongly flavored) red kraut for the contrast in flavors. You can use this code (9wz8kg) to get $30 off of $50 on your first Relay Foods grocery pickup (they have pickup spots throughout the area) or delivery.

    I tried two of Saffron Road‘s simmer sauces: the Korean Stir Fry, and the Harissa. I used both of the sauces (separately) in chicken and vegetable dishes. Both sauces are tasty, and included combinations of flavors I didn’t expect (both include pear juice as an ingredient). I have a couple of other simmer sauces to try out, so I’ll report back on them later.

    I sampled a number of NAR Gourmet Turkish products. They products I tied are all are kosher (pareve), but only some are organic.

    NAR’s Organic Cumin and Organic Chili Pepper (flakes) are both good quality products; I used them together in a variety of dishes including home fries, and green beans. The Organic Chili Pepper arrived in a small glass bottle with a cork stopper, so, when I opened it, I half expected a genie to materialize. The Red Wine Vinegar and Early Harvest cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil are both good quality products, and what I expected; I used them on several delicious salads.

    NAR’s pressed Pistachio Oil is a new product for me, which is why I ordered it. It also took me a while to think of how I wanted to try it out. I considered making something with filo dough, or maybe a pasta salad, but did not have appropriate ingredients.  This morning, I combined the oil with butter and used it  to pan fry French toast with spectacular results. (We are talking spectacularly good, not spectacularly bad.) This is a great product.

    The last two NAR products that I tried were the Traditional Lemon Peel Jam and Traditional Mandarin Marmalade. They may both be traditional in Turkey, but I’m unsure that either one translates well to the US market.

    This particular “marmalade” isn’t what we (in the US) know as a marmalade (a jelly with some suspended slivers of rind), but a product that seems to be blended. As such, all you taste (besides a little sugar) is rind, and this is an overly bitter combination with an odd texture; I did not enjoy this product. My recommendation here is that NAR emulates how marmalades are made in the US (or even the UK, which is big on marmelades), in  order to produce a product appropriate to the market they are targeting.

    The Traditional Lemon Peel Jam is actually closer to a preserve than a jam, but I would describe it as candied lemon peel in syrup. The lemon peel is rolled up into little wheels, and aren’t really that enjoyable to chew on because of how big/thick the pieces are. Do I see possible uses for this product? Yes, if renamed something like “candied lemon peel in syrup,” I can see people using the candied lemon rinds and syrup in cooking, baking, and creation of  cocktails. You would chop the peels up to cook or bake with them.  I am sure they is a way to slice the peels up to use them to garnish a cocktail, and the syrup could definitely be used in cocktails.


  • 26Mar

    Cy and I were in attendance a couple of weeks ago at RFD‘s Oskar Blues Brewing Dinner. We did get lost finding the back room, but we didn’t know RFD has a back room.

    Oskar Blues has one brewery each in Colorado and North Carolina, and was one of the pioneers in beer canning. Apparently, beer bottles and Colorado mountain travel aren’t a great combination.

    This my first time drinking Oskar Blues’ beers, and I have to say that there was not a single brew I did not enjoy. I did try to pace myself since five beers can hit pretty hard when two of them are over 10% alcohol). RFD did a great job pairing great dishes and beer.

    The evening’s pairings:

    • Cheese (Grafton 2 year Cheddar and Maytag Blue) & Chopped Liver with Dale’s Pale Ale (6.5% ABV). I loved the cheddar, but avoided the blue cheese. This was billed as Cheese & Charcuterie, but there was none of the latter to be found. The chopped liver was tasty, and had apples in it, which lightened and sweetened it.
    • Melon & Prosciutto with G’Knight Imperial Red Ale (8.7% ABV). This was plated with a Parmesan tuile on top.
    • Crawfish & Andouille Gumbo with Gubna Imperial IPA (10% ABV). Crab stock Risotto!
    • Classic Brew Burger “Oskar Blues Style” with Ten Fiddy Russian Imperial Stout (10.5% ABV). These great Bourbon Barrel Bacon Burgers (holy alliteration, Batman) were stuffed with blue cheese, except for mine, which thankfully was stuffed with Gruyere.
    • Flourless Chocolate Torte & Smoked Chocolate Mousse with One Nut English Brown Ale (6.1% ABV). This was a great chocolate dessert, especially the mousse.

    Cy’s Beer notes:

    • Dale’s Pale Ale: Light amber color, clean hoppy aroma, nice mellow hop flavor.
    • G’Night Imperial Red Ale: Deep red color, grapefruit/citrus aroma, citrus/cereal flavors.
    • Gubna Imperial IPA: Dark amber color, caramelized orange aroma, spicy/hoppy/citrus flavors.
    • Ten FIDY Russian Imperial Stout: Black color, light malt aroma, roasted  malt flavor.


    Editor’s Note (April 6, 2014): Oskar Blues has 2 beers on Thrillist’s list of top 15 underrated canned beers.

    Disclosure: From time to time, we are given free items, meals, or entry to events.

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  • 26Mar

    calling-all-talented-junior-chefsI know many of my readers have kids, so am passing this along.


    “Teach kids to cook and eat healthy and you might be rewarded with a VIP trip to DC to attend a Kids’ “State Dinner.” The 3rd Healthy Lunchtime Challenge hosted by the First Lady Michelle Obama and Epicurious will select one winner from each state and the territories to be flown by Delta Airlines to Washington, D.C. for a once in a lifetime trip. Create a healthy recipe, submit it by April 5 and you could win.

    Read Epicurious’ latest bog post about it here. Find the guidelines and enter by April 5th here.”

  • 23Mar

    The good news is that some of us are over-employed. (That’s good, right?)

    But the bad news is a dry spell for the FUD at the moment. So, to counteract this terrible state of affairs, we are looking for…..

    A FEW NEW WRITERS! Found a great new restaurant? Do you have recipes to share? Have you discovered the best wine, restaurant, food truck, or (restaurant) restroom in DC? Do you want to compare 5 different restaurants’ BLTs? Need some hipster cred? Maybe cover an occasional food event? Writing experience for your resume? Articles for your Portfolio? Passionate about food? Then we want you for DCFüd. Send writing samples to jay@dcfud.com, along with few ideas you’d like to write about. It’ll be crazy!

    Also, please welcome our newest addition, Mary (MAS), who owes us a bio. :)


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  • 22Mar

    Ever since I first came to D.C. as a reasonably poor cereal eating freshmen in college, I’ve wanted to eat at the Old Ebbitt Grill. Now, as an extremely poor junior, I’ve given up Fruity Pebbles for Cliff Bars and finally managed to snag a table at the Old Ebbitt Grill. Located between F and G on 15th street, just a block from the White House, Old Ebbit is the oldest and most well-known saloon in D.C. And when I say that I recently ate there, I really mean my very kind mother took my malnourished boyfriend and me there, and out of the good charity of her heart, kindly paid for our meals.

    Seared Salmon Burger with a Side of Fruit Salad.

    Seared Salmon Burger with a Side of Fruit Salad.

    Serving martinis and oysters to tourists, D.C. residents, and Presidents since 1856, this Victorian inspired Oyster bar and hot spot feels like entering another world. Its velvet and mahogany booths, marble bar, antique walrus head, and full-length leg lanterns create an authentic and fun atmosphere. It’s the kind of fancy yet swaggering joint that makes you want to smoke a cigar, order a steak, and talk about how the stock market is doing. Honestly, it’s just a plain fun place.

    Moving on to our meals, I started the night with a Ginger Snap cocktail, just one of the Old Ebbitt Grill’s tasty sounding alcoholic concoctions. My drink of choice that night included Domaine de Canton Ginger liqueur, Captain Morgan original spiced rum, and ginger ale, with the rim dipped in crushed ginger snap cookies. This is an excellent choice if you like ginger ale as a mixer, and it left me feeling a very warm, happy, and nostalgic for low-waisted dresses and bobbed haircuts.

    The Chocolate Brownie Cappuccino.

    The Chocolate Brownie Cappuccino.

    Throughout the night, my boyfriend was a bit quiet, probably because he was shuffling a pile of their Chicken Carbonara into his mouth. I managed to sneak a spoonful before he inhaled it all.  The combination of bacon, Parmesan cheese, and, pasta made me feel better about living. It also had a surprising addition of fresh peas in it, which actually worked well.

    My mother kept it pretty healthy and got the Seared Salmon Burger topped with sesame-seaweed salad and Sriracha aioli on a multi-grain Kaiser roll with a side of fresh fruit instead of the traditional crispy fries.

    I, myself, went for a classier twist on a comforting classic: Veal Stew. This meal, which consisted of tender veal simmered with vegetables and served over creamy mashed potatoes, was the best thing I’ve eaten this year. It made me feel like I was living some sort of 1920’s fantasy in which I was Mrs. Gatsby and lived a blissful happily ever after with him in that mansion of his in Long Island. This might seem like an exaggeration but trust me, it’s not. This stew does things to you. Walrus head, Stop judging me.

    After we ate dinner, we still found room for dessert. We chose the Chocolate Brownie Cappuccino, which is basically a delicious brownie soaking in a mug of cappuccino topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  Yes, you read that right. It was a brownie, and a cappuccino, and ice cream. Together.

    My one trip to The Old Ebbitt Grill doesn’t seem like enough. The saloon’s delicious menu also offers a range or fresh oysters on their menu that I’m curious to try as well as tasty breakfast and brunch options. For healthy eaters, the Athens’ Delight of Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit sounds like the good choice, but I’ll probably order the Grand Marnier French Toast with apple compote, honey pecan butter, topped with Vermont maple syrup because it sounds too tempting to say no to.

    Also, I’m going to end this post with a shout out to all Moms. They’re awesome. They buy you fancy old timey themed food, and let you keep they’re leftovers. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

    -MAS (Mary)

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  • 19Mar
    Turkish Baklava


    A few weeks ago marked an international holiday perhaps few Americans appreciate, and even fewer are familiar with. The Embassy of Turkey gave the holiday the full recognition it deserves on March 7th, when members of the Turkish Embassy and distinguished guests both from abroad and from the D.C. area gathered in the Turkish Embassy Chancery to celebrate International Woman’s Day.

    Under the auspices of the Embassy of Turkey, The American Turkish Association of Washington, D.C., and Turkish Airlines, the Bridge to Turkiye Fund presented the night’s program. Guest speakers included: Schroeder Stribling, Executive Director of N Street Village, a prominent community that provides empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in the Washington, D.C. area, and Diana Mayhew, President of the National Cherry Blossom Festival and recipient of the ATA-DC International Women’s Day award.

    We were treated to a showing of “Kardelen, The New Hope of Turkey,” Tino Soriano’s National Geographic documentary about the struggles and triumphs of young women growing up in Turkey. Mr. Soriano has made the film available online.

    It was a genuinely inspiring night full of heartfelt stories and hard working people whose work is admirable (to say the least). Also, there was a long delicious buffet that topped off the inspiring night of thoughtful conversation about global feminism and equality with a serving (or two) of baklava.

    Noteworthy items from the menu included the baked pasta stuffed with cheese and parsley. As a fan of anything stuffed with cheese, this dish was addicting. There were newsworthy (call the presses!) baked potatoes that my date and I assaulted (we waited till nobody was looking), and delicious green peppers stuffed with orzo.

    Of the protein courses, the tuna fish salad and diced fried lamb were my favorites. At the head of the table was a ginormous whole smoked salmon that stared at me with knowing eyes, judging me for my dining choices as I dished out my second helping of cheese-enhanced pasta. I’m a tuna melt kind of a girl, so the tuna salad was more my style. Some of you are perhaps thinking, “Can you mess up tuna salad?” You can. I’ve eaten some. It was a haunting experience.

    There was also a small refreshment station that offered wine, soda and juice. To the very nice man in the grey suit and brown tie that served me several glasses of wine that night: thank you.

    Also, did I mention the baklava? There was baklava that night and I might have consumed half of it. No shame. Salmon, stop looking at me.

    -MAS (Mary)

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