• 28Aug

    3 Trucks were at the DC State fair today: DC Slices, Curbside Cupcake and the Sweet Flow Mobile (Sweet Green’s frozen yogurt). I didn’t get to Sweet Green’s truck, but I’ve tried their product at the storefront.

    I tried a slice ($4) and it needed more cheese (and to be served hotter)–it was alright for having come from a truck, but not great. The sauce was it’s strength. The person with me didn’t like the crust. I’d try it again. They were also out of everything but plain slices.

    I tried the lemon cupcake ($3) from Curbside and it was good…with the lemon cupcake and lemon frosting bringing different flavors and textures. Thumbs up.

    In other food truck news…The Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck will be at Chinatown Coffee this Thursday evening 9/2 for a happy hour from 630pm-830pm. That is…lobster rolls at 5th and H NW! Chinatown coffee will be offering $3 Lagunitas IPA and Dale’s Pale Ale. I’d love to see more events like this.

    Absinthe preparation at Chinatown Coffee

    BTW, Chinatown Coffee has several varieties of absinthe which they mix with water, sugar, and fire…it was like watching a ritual. 🙂 What’s a little toxin and psychoactive substance among friends? 🙂 BTW, I like anise…and I still didn’t like the absinthe I tried at Chinatown Coffee, but the variety I tried was herbal.  Next time Ill try the Swiss one.



  • 24Aug

    chicken shwarma

    Upper Crust Gourmet (a Mediterranean cafe) in Ballston has a new Chef and has started serving house made chicken shwarma daily–they have the necessary rotisserie . The new Chef (Jimmy) is Egyptian, and the (very personable) Manager (Maher) is Middle Eastern as well. The rice was cold, but I was ok with that.

    I had the shwarma today and enjoyed it. I ordered it as a platter…and really enjoyed the spicy condiment they included. They add a bunch of little garnishes and touches–often they even give you a little fruit or feta cheese on the plate with whatever you order (as you can see below).

    spinach quiche

    Jimmy has been making other new dishes…including one to three quiches a day (Sunday was spinach, quiche Lorraine and broccoli). He also makes a good koshary, an Egyptian pasta dish with lentils and fried onions–an occasional special.

    And, they serve Illy coffee…good stuff.

    I’ll admit that I have been sitting on this recommendation a while, since they needed to get the (new) restaurant/cafe working smoothly…but with a new (and very good) chef…it’s time to share this one.

    Upper Crust Gourmet
    100 N. Randolph St.
    Arlington, VA 22201

    Open for breakfast, lunch, and until 8pm daily (Sundays they sometimes close at 7 or 7:30).  They have outdoor seating, wine/beer and are working on a webpage.



  • 24Aug

    In My Inbox from a usual suspect. 🙂



    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Bunny Polmer (202) 966-8271 bpolmer@comcast.net RSVP CATERING HOLDS COMPLIMENTARY BRIDAL TASTING Fairfax, VA…August 2010…

    RSVP Catering invites all future brides and a guest to take part in a complimentary tasting on:

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

    The event will be held at:

     RSVP Catering
    2930 Prosperity Avenue
    Fairfax, VA 22031

    Call (703) 573-8700 or register by email: weddings@rsvpcatering.com.

    The tasting offers prospective brides an opportunity to sample RSVP Catering’s creative cuisine, including selections from Organix by RSVP, a seasonal selection of local, organic and sustainable foods. Guests will also have the chance to meet RSVP Catering’s team of wedding professionals and to check out the latest wedding trends.

    RSVP Catering is the Washington area’s sixth largest caterer, setting the standard for elegant, innovative social and corporate entertaining.


  • 23Aug

    In my Twitter (ok, not my inbox this time).  RAY, I know you are with me. 😉



    Yes On Title 24 Chapter 5

    Dear Food Truck Enthusiast, we need your help urgently!

    Some very powerful businesses are lobbying the City Council to prevent us from serving you where you work.

    The DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), on the other hand, has proposed vending regulations that would allow us to continue to serve you AND allow for a more vibrant vending culture in the District.


    DCRA needs comments on record for these new regulations, Title 24 of Chapter 5 (http://tiny.cc/bnn4q). It is paramount that you voice your opinion on street vending and food trucks by emailing DCRA at helder.gil@dc.gov
    live links at bottom of page. look down, scroll down. look closer, you got it.

    Time is of the essence. Comments need to be in by next Wednesday, August 25th.

    Please act now and email Helder today! Thank you.

    Learn more about these proposed regulations.

    Here’s a draft of what it could say, but certainly feel free to use your own thoughts and language. If you’re a DC resident, please say so in your email.

    Subject: I Support Title 24 Chapter 5

    Dear City Council,

    I am writing to support the current proposed DCRA regulation Title 24 Chapter 5 that will allow mobile vendors to stay in DC and continue offering more choices and value to consumers.

    Please do not allow the introduction of any discriminatory language into these regulations that would limit mobile vendors or food trucks.

    Please pass the regulations as written and protect the diverse, growing and small business vending options in the city.

    Thank you,


    Email us at: yesontitle24@gmail.com , Helder.Gil@dc.gov
    Visit us at: http://tiny.cc/bnn4q

  • 20Aug


    Enter Your Big (or big-ish) Vegetable in the Biggest Vegetable Contest!

    Is that a five pound melon sitting in your garden? What about a foot long zucchini? A football sized pumpkin? Why aren’t you entering your vegetables in the DC State Fair Biggest Vegetable Contest, sponsored by Washington Gardener? More…
    In My Inbox.


    DC Picklers – Show Us Your Best Pickle

    Green beans. Cucumbers. Beets. Is there anything that isn’t improved with a good pickling brine?

    Well it’s time for DC picklers to show us what you’ve got. Do you have a delicious bread and butter pickle recipe that’s wowed your friends? Do you pickle your own onions to serve on sandwiches? Do you make your own kimchi? Enter your sour, salty, and/or sweet pickled creations in the DC State Fair Home-Made Pickle contest. Many thanks to GLiTTARAZZi, a DC-based social and gossip blog, for sponsoring. The winner will win a $50 gift certificate to 19th.

    You can enter the DC State Fair Home Made Pickle Contest here. While we’d love to know if your pickled items were grown in the District, it’s not a requirement of the contest. The deadline for entries is Thursday, August 26, so get your pickles going today!


  • 19Aug

    In my inbox. Full info and a video can be obtained here.



    Vintage Crystal Returns with Latin Flavor: Wine, Tequila & Tapas in Crystal City
    Sunday, September 19, 2:00-6:00 p.m.

    Crystal City BID’s fourth annual signature wine-drinking, salsa-dancing, tapa-tasting festival.

    25 local restaurants and over 30 delicious wines from Chile, Argentina and Spain.

    220 20th Street South, Arlington, VA 22202

    Tickets will be available to purchase on-site the day of the event for $20 (CASH ONLY) and include all sips, tastes, twirls and a commemorative wine glass.

    Food-only tickets can be purchased for $10 and admission for kids is free.


  • 18Aug

    You don’t need to be a state to have a fair!  Don’t believe me, there are deep-fried Oreos and funnel cakes aplenty being served just 20ish miles over the border in Gaithersburg, Maryland.   The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair is the quintessential fair – animals, foods, rides, and all the country a city boy could want!

    Looking to take on a new hobby?  Stop and watch the intricacies of judging the perfect shorn sheep.  Trying to teach your children about child-birth?  Visit the birthing tent and see the miracle of life itself!  (Mind you, cows are the mothers at this fair!)  Want to get your pre-teen hooked on gambling?  Then the pig races are the place for you!  Opportunities and excitement abound!

    I personally enjoy shoving grease-soaked carnival treats in my mouth while watching the rides.  The twirly ones make me nauseous…but I keep eating.  I like being heckled by the keepers of the game booths – an odd mix of surly older folks and those who could probably star in one of A&E‘s many reality shows.  No where else on earth can one get so excited to play a game for $2 and receive a cheap stuffed animal that will either meet the dog later that night or pass on to one of our nation’s many land-fills.

    But wait, this is a food site…so let’s talk food.  Turkey legs, ice cream, cotton candy, sausage, lemonade…it’s not high-brow, but it’s darn tasty.  The stuff you know you shouldn’t eat and regret later. But while you’re chomping, heaven does indeed seem to be a place on earth!  And where else can you eat a hotdog in front of a pig?  Or a hamburger while staring a cow in the face.  There is a circle of life and it’s at the fair!

    So, download some “Meet Me In St. Louis” and get out to the fair!  Eat something with the sweet smell of manure in the air.  Do it, if you dare!  You may even see a mare.  Ok, enough already.  Montgomery County may not be a state yet, but we sure do love our farms and support our 4-H!



  • 18Aug

    In My Inbox.


    Come to the DC State Fair Kick-Off Shindig and Homebrew Contest – August 27! (Click there for the active links.)

    dcstatefair | August 18, 2010 at 4:03 am | Categories: dc state fair | URL: http://wp.me/pZQTt-2z

    Thanks to The Black Squirrel for sponsoring the DC State Fair Homebrew Contest!
    What: DC Homebrewers Contest
    When: Friday, Aug. 27, 7:30 – 10 pm
    Where: 1314 Kenyon St. NW

    To Enter: Fill out this entry form by August 23.

    DC’s become a paradise for beer lovers in the past few years, and we had to give DC homebrewers the chance to prove who brews the best brew at the DC State Fair.

    Join us on August 27th from 7:30 to 10:00 pm at 1314 Kenyon St. NW for a kick-off party and homebrew contest, sponsored by The Black Squirrel (the fabulous neighborhood beer bar in Adams Morgan). The judging begins at 8:00 pm sharp – you won’t want to miss it!

    If that’s not enough for you, Fat Man After Dark, another fair sponsor, will be broadcasting live from the Contest.

    Do you have a passion for homebrewing? There’s still time to submit your beer to the contest, so enter now. The deadline for homebrew entries is August 23.

    Good luck to all the homebrewers out there! We know you’ll make the District proud.

  • 13Aug

    More info on this contest is avilable in this Modern Domestic post.


    Inside the heart of every baker lies the soul of a diva. A competitor. A little voice that says “my cupcakes are the best.” Or maybe that’s just some of us.

    But admit it – I bet you make some pretty damn good cupcakes. So it’s time to show them off. The DC State Fair, which will be held on August 28th as part of Columbia Heights Day, is holding a cupcake contest. It’s where DC’s bakers can really strut their stuff and show what they can do with a mixer and a piping bag. Be creative and have fun with it!

    The winner of the cupcake contest will win fame, glory, and a delicious prize box of treats from Treet.

  • 09Aug

    Here’s another cupcake of the day special from GT Cupcakes. Get on their facebook page to see these specials daily. Georgetown Cupcake Today’s secret (not-on-menu) FREE flavor is DC CUPCAKES PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE! Order it by name and it’s FREE! 100 per location, 1 per customer, while supplies last. Enjoy! 🙂


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