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    Persian tea and hot apple cider at Epicure Cafe.

    Persian tea and hot apple cider at Epicure Cafe.

    From the welcoming display of handwritten marker messages on the front window to the dainty dark cherry wooden tables inside, Epicure Cafe is everything an independtly owned cafe would and should be. Open mic nights are held bi-weekly and the cafe’s adamant support and appreciation of the arts is evident. The pizza menu is handwritten on vinyl discs! How fittingly creative!I tried their Persian tea and thoroughly enjoyed every last drop (none of the sugar cubes were used). The tea came in two sizes (small or large) and at a reasonable price of $5 for the large (pictured). How does the tea taste? It wasn’t sweet, but it wasn’t bitter. There was a subtle earthy yet exotic aroma that lingered from my glass teacup as I inhaled the vapors. If you can appreciate teas in their natural (unsweetened) state, I recommended it. My friend had the hot apple cider and it was a bit too sweet for her liking, so she took turns drinking the cider with my Persian tea. What else do they serve here? Kabobs, pasta, baklava, cheesecake, wraps, and more. Do they serve alcohol? Absolutely! They serve beer (including Fat Tire and Wood Chuck) and wine!

    Although the cafe was surprisingly unoccupied on a weekday afternoon, my friend and I felt at ease as we carried our conversation without feeling rushed. The cafe walls displayed colorful pieces of abstract artwork while a collection of speakers and band equipment took vacancy in a small corner by the front door; a sign that local artists must perform here (I later found this to be true).

    Hot apple cider.

    Hot apple cider.

    Epicure Cafe is the remedy if you are feeling artsy (or faux artsy), in need of a scenery change, or have an itch for live music or poetry. Or maybe in need for just some good baklava and tea. Either way, you can’t go wrong in a cafe like this.

    Epicure Cafe
    11213-A Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030
    -Elina (EHY)

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