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    Editor’s Note: My friend is homeschooling her son (an aspiring foodie), and she asked me if her son could (with her help) write an article as a Guest Blogger. Sure. Here it is:


    Old Country Buffet 1By Guest Blogger, John Remmers

    Old Country Buffet is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with huge variety: salad, mashed potatoes, pizza, noodles, rice, meatloaf, tacos, chicken, lots of healthy stuff, and plenty of dessert, including ice cream. I went to the one located at 7820 Richmond Highway in Alexandria, but there are several DMV area locations.  Check out their website here to find one near you.

    The first thing that I have to say about this restaurant is that is very good. There is a lot of flexibility. Have a kid? No problem. Have a diet or an allergy? No problem. Super hungry? No problem. Picky? No problem. See the pictures on my website and you’ll have more of an idea what I’m talking about.

    When we were there, there was a group of teenagers from Charlotte, NC on a field trip. This restaurant is good for groups like that, too, because: Everyone could have what they want, they didn’t have to decide, they didn’t have to all order, they could just get it themselves, and they didn’t have to wait for their food to be ready.

    What does it cost? Well if you know anything about all-you-can-eat restaurants, then you would know that it’s a flat price rather than paying for each item. The cool thing for kids is that how much you pay depends on how old you are. For example, I am in the 8-11 group and got lunch for just $5.49. I think that’s a good price for all I can eat! Plus they have lots of coupons, clubs and events to make it even cheaper. (On Family Night, which is Thursdays 5-8, kids get in for just $0.99, and I got cotton candy once!)

    Now, let’s go over the negatives. I honestly couldn’t think of any, but my mom found some, so here they are. You have to get up to get your food, and since kids under ten aren’t allowed to serve themselves, you have to get your own and your child’s food. Although these complaints are minor and only prevent you from being a little less lazy.

    Like I said, this restaurant has huge variety and all of it is very good. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in any circumstance. Try it, tell your friends to try it, and tell your friends to tell their friends to try it. I am certain that you will not be disappointed.

    John Remmers is a homeschooled math whiz, professional blogger, food lover, casual gamer, wii owner, minecraft player, young entrepreneur, and family lover.  Check out his daily blog for more about homeschooling, food, video games, and other fun stuff: www.empowernetwork.com/helpakidout

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