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    Executive Chef, Andrew Dixon, and CEO and Executive Brewer, Bill Madden have teamed up to bring Mad Fox Brewing Company a new eclectic menu and beer pairing.  And when I say eclectic I mean it’s a menu that brings flavors and tastes from Germany to Asia. When Andrew and Bill were asked if the food complements the beer or vice versa, they answered “both” as if the two courses are in a relationship of equals.

    Dixon explains his choice in menu changes is based on items that are available locally and and on his his love of Korean food.  You will find that his new menu includes the ever so popular and trendy Korean fusion tacos.

    The Schnitzel was a German love affair.  A breaded tenderloin with surryano country ham, gouda cheese, a potato puree, and ale demi glace was paired with the Kellerbier Kolsch.  Encrusted with just the right amount of breading, gives the tenderloin a nice crispy crunch and a light taste. I have to say that I’m not really a big beer fan but the Kellerbier Kolsch was an easy beer to drink.  It’s one of Mad Fox’s award winning beers and is easy to drink because it’s unfiltered.   Why pair it with the Schnitzel? Because it’s a German brew and because it sits 10-14 days after it’s brewed; this beer is a more heavily yeasted beer with a smooth flavor.  So, the lighter tasting Schnitzel’s flavors are intensified as it’s paired with this brew.

    I am a lover of seafood and the potato chip encrusted Crab Cakes had me licking the plate clean.  Not only was this genius of a dish created by breading it with potato chips, but you’ll be surprised to learn that these potato chips are also made from scratch.  It is an intense flavored dish garnished with an avocado puree, ginger emulsion and melon salsa.  The crab cakes were paired with the Praha Pils which is brewed with an authentic Bohemiam Pilsener malt made from the heirloom Hanka Barley Varietal and imported Czech Saaz hops.  This beer wasn’t one of my favorites because it’s a strong beer with a dry bitter finish.

    And one of Dixon’s favorite dishes on new menu is the  Bulgogi Lamb Tacos.  The tacos were filled with a marinated & seared lamb shoulder with Kimchi slaw, cucumbers, scallion and cilantro.  This dish had a spicy kick to it and being paired with the Orange Whip IPA made perfect sense.  The stronger spicier kick of the tacos was complemented by the lighter dry Citra Hops-flavored beer that carries hints of pineapple, oranges and other citrus fruits.  The beer helps tone down the spice of the tacos making them less overbearing.

    The new menu is a fairly different spin on the typical American Brewery and I invite you to explore their menu at madfoxbrewing.com.

    But the one thing I was disappointed in?  What happened to their Tuna Carpaccio dish?  When I interrogated Dixon about his removal of this amazing dish, he simply stated that it wasn’t popular enough.   So, I’m starting a petition to bring it back, and encourage you to open your minds up to the wonderful world of raw proteins because Dixon’s Tuna Carpaccio was one to be savored.

    Mad Fox is expanding into DC, so you DC-dwellers who don’t like to venture to parts unknown such as Virginia will now be able to enjoy the brewery’s award-winning beer and eclectic menu.

    -ADT (Angie)

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