• 23Mar

    The good news is that some of us are over-employed. (That’s good, right?)

    But the bad news is a dry spell for the FUD at the moment. So, to counteract this terrible state of affairs, we are looking for…..

    A FEW NEW WRITERS! Found a great new restaurant? Do you have recipes to share? Have you discovered the best wine, restaurant, food truck, or (restaurant) restroom in DC? Do you want to compare 5 different restaurants’ BLTs? Need some hipster cred? Maybe cover an occasional food event? Writing experience for your resume? Articles for your Portfolio? Passionate about food? Then we want you for DCFüd. Send writing samples to jay@dcfud.com, along with few ideas you’d like to write about. It’ll be crazy!

    Also, please welcome our newest addition, Mary (MAS), who owes us a bio. 🙂


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