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    EATSince May is Food Allergy Awareness month, I’d like to shed some light on some startling statistics about food allergies. At latest count, there are currently 17 million people in the US with food allergies. Every three minutes there is someone brought into the E.R. with an allergic reaction to food. One in every twelve children are now born with a food allergy. That is at least one child in every classroom across the country. And there are 90,000 cases of Anaphylaxis reported each year. I hope these statistics demonstrate how serious this “epidemic” has become. Something needs to be done to stop Americans from living this way.

    EAT or the End Allergies Together organization, is an organization working to do just that. They are an organization solely focused on funding research for allergy cures. Top allergens are often common-day foods like nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs etc. and just a TRACE amount can trigger a life threatening reaction in minutes. However, despite these statistics allergy research programs are vastly underfunded. E.A.T is trying to fill that gap. Instead of dividing their resources for advocacy and awareness programs, they are directing all of their raised money towards the scientists researching actual cures. They hope to become the nationally recognized brand that puts a face on food allergies.

    For more information about the organization and how you can help or get involved in increasing allergy awareness go to Endallergiestogether.com.


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