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    Located in Tyson’s, Greenhouse Bistro and the connected Samovar Tea Lounge were a bit of an “out of the box” experience for this DC dweller; however, getting out of the city to sip on craft cocktails on their spacious patio, dinner in the wide open, glass flanked dining space and after-dinner tea in the velvety lounge made the schlep a destination instead.

    Executive Chef Dale Schnell and the Greenhouse team have successfully transformed the iconic LEEDS certified, Canon building into an airy floor plan boasting glass partitions deviating private dining spaces and a moving DJ booth, walls lined with living herbs (the “living wall”), and open kitchen and plenty of richly textured tapestries and lighting that gives the sleek space a comfortable sexiness, very difficult to achieve in such an expansive floor plan.

    Greenhouse is the perfect place for families wanting to dine on locally sourced, organic cuisine comprising a menu of entirely sustainable ingredients. There is a strong emphasis on the casual, everyday nature of healthful, conscious eating that permeates the many aspects of the dining experience at Greenhouse.

    Whether drinks over a sporting match, wine with co-workers on the patio, dinner with the in-laws or a business meeting in the private room, Greenhouse is a comfortable and inviting place that successfully de-stigmatises the pretentious and inaccessible layer of most conscious and green eating avenues.

    Chef Scnell has taken great care to choose the most sustainable and ethical ingredients to create a menu that easily caters to all-organic and vegan diners, and carnivores alike without pushing the concept down diner’s throats. This was a concept easily (and willingly) swallowed. The fare itself was artfully assembled and light, a goal of the chef and a cohesive tie-in to the ambience.

    After dinner, tea in the Samovar Tea Lounge transports diners far away from the clean lines of Greenhouse, through a portal way known as “door.” Not so magical, but the result is astounding.Now close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by red, purple and gold hues of a lounge, lined with plush pillows and rich textures brushed lightly with the ambient scent of Illy coffee, the redolent aromas of tea and the earthy ground tones of fresh herbs and cheeses traditionally served with tea. If allowed to wander, the mind would feel as if in Istanbul, and for a brief moment the nostalgia and nearness of the environment to such warm memories made time disappear as a unit and the evening an experience. So different from the sharp edges of this DC life … whether in Tyson’s Corner or looking for a getaway, take the time to explore Greenhouse Bistro and Samovar Tea Lounge.

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