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    Alatri Bros. in Bethesda may only be a few months old, but don’t let that deter you from visiting. This “neighborhood pizza joint,” as they refer to themselves, is well worth a stop. It’s fun and funky, with interesting décor and a great soundtrack, along with fantastic service and food.

    Verdura Pie

    Over the course of two visits, I tried cauliflower fritti, wings, buffalo-style Brussels sprouts, and two pizzas: the Tomato & Mozzarella Pie and the Verdura. The cauliflower fritti is perfectly fried and deliciously addictive with its feta and red pepper dipping sauce. Buffalo-style Brussels sprouts seems like something that could easily go awry, but here the sprouts are crisp and have right amount of buffalo sauce. This dish might even convert a Brussels sprouts hater into a lover. Wings definitely hit the spot if you are looking for that classic wings and pizza combo. The pizza is great. The crust has that rustic wood-oven char that adds flavor and depth to a pizza. The pizzas are not heavily-topped (not that the toppings are skimpy), but you don’t end up with a mess, and they reheat well the next day. It’s hard to say which pizza I prefer, as I loved both. If you are a traditionalist, stick with the Tomato & Mozzarella Pie. If you need your vegetable fix, go with the Verdura, which is all about the veggies.

    Their liquor, beer, and wine selection is small but well-curated; I haven’t had a cocktail, though there’s some choices that have piqued my interested. I have had the red sangria, and it’s a good (and strong!) choice. Alatri Bros. has a rather full happy hour menu and dining al fresco, and it shares its patio with sister restaurant Gringos and Mariachis.

    Alatri Bros. is on par with some of my favorite DC pizza places, and I look forward to returning. It is worth seeking out, and you won’t be disappointed.


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