• 24Jan

    Arlington’s Columbia Pike doesn’t have the numerous options of other areas in the county, but it does have a diversity of choices, Boru Ramen being one of them. I love ramen, and this is my favorite ramen in all of Arlington, and others seem to agree with me. While not the most amazing ramen, it’s good and I enjoy it.

    I find the the gyoza lacking, which is a bit sad, given that I love dumplings. It’s fairly bland, and it hasn’t led me to try anything else on the appetizer menu, so I recommend not coming when you are completely starving. As for ramen, hakata tonkotsu, which is pork bone broth, chashu, bamboo, sesame, seaweed, and scallion. I usually add bok choy as well. It’s not too rich, but still very flavorful, and the noodles are perfectly chewy and never overcooked. I prefer this to the chicken broth options (shoyu and shio versions), which I’ve found to be less flavorful. You can add on a fried chile oil, and I usually do. It’s super spicy, which I appreciate, and since I usually have leftovers, I can take it home with me. The drink menu is fun, and I had a champagne-based cocktail recently that I loved.

    Service is friendly and Boru does fill up quickly. I’m thrilled Boru is in the neighborhood, and I find myself visiting more and more frequently.


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