• 26Jan

    Until recently, I was not a burger person. At least not beef burgers. Turkey and lamb, sure, But that all changed when I had Bourbon Steak’s burger. Thick, juicy, and delicious, this burger is like nothing I’ve had before.

    Tucked into the Four Seasons in Georgetown, Bourbon Steak is better known for expense account dining. But their “Business At Bourbon Steak Over Burgers” special (weekdays, 11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m., at the bar) provides a taste of their fantastic offerings. It’s not cheap, but for $22, you get a burger, fries, a non-alcoholic beverage, and a cookie. Not a bad deal at one of the city’s swankest eateries.

    You can choose from steak, lamb, turkey, veggie, and salmon burgers. I like to stick with the oak-fired prime steak, medium, with cheddar, lettuce, and tomato, and a side of fries. This burger is huge and super filling. The meat is of excellent quality. The truffle-Parmesan duck fat fries are crisp and I usually can’t finish them. Being that this is Bourbon Steak, upgrades are available, such as a foie gras add-on. I’ve not done that, but I did order the mac and cheese recently. It was good, but a bit too creamy for my taste. And way too filling. The cookies are always fresh, and it you go in the summer, it’s actually an ice cream sandwich, which I prefer. If you’re looking to stay within budget, you can get a dealers choice beer for $5. I’ve never been disappointed in that beer.

    Service is impeccable and friendly. The bar can get busy, especially on Fridays, but some days it’s quiet, and you can relax with your burger and beer. It’s not an every day lunch, but when you can, try it out and you’ll be happy you did.

    -LEM (Lia)


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