• 30Mar

    Product Reviews:

    I used the new spice rub from Dizzy Pig, Bayou-ish, on various baked chicken dishes. This great tasting rub is designed for searing and blackening, but can also be used for baking or stir frying.

    I purchased two of Farmstead Ferments’ sauerkrauts from Relay Foods: the Apple Kraut (made with red cabbage) and the Classic Kraut. The producer is based in Charlottesville, VA, and creates raw, naturally-fermented foods and beverages made by hand in small batches. She uses “eco-locally grown” fruits and vegetables. You don’s want to kill the probiotics, so don’t cook the kraut. I use the krauts on good whole wheat Portuguese rolls with turkey sausages and mustard, but use a sweeter mustard (such as honey Dijon) with the (extremely strongly flavored) red kraut for the contrast in flavors. You can use this code (9wz8kg) to get $30 off of $50 on your first Relay Foods grocery pickup (they have pickup spots throughout the area) or delivery.

    I tried two of Saffron Road‘s simmer sauces: the Korean Stir Fry, and the Harissa. I used both of the sauces (separately) in chicken and vegetable dishes. Both sauces are tasty, and included combinations of flavors I didn’t expect (both include pear juice as an ingredient). I have a couple of other simmer sauces to try out, so I’ll report back on them later.

    I sampled a number of NAR Gourmet Turkish products. They products I tied are all are kosher (pareve), but only some are organic.

    NAR’s Organic Cumin and Organic Chili Pepper (flakes) are both good quality products; I used them together in a variety of dishes including home fries, and green beans. The Organic Chili Pepper arrived in a small glass bottle with a cork stopper, so, when I opened it, I half expected a genie to materialize. The Red Wine Vinegar and Early Harvest cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil are both good quality products, and what I expected; I used them on several delicious salads.

    NAR’s pressed Pistachio Oil is a new product for me, which is why I ordered it. It also took me a while to think of how I wanted to try it out. I considered making something with filo dough, or maybe a pasta salad, but did not have appropriate ingredients.  This morning, I combined the oil with butter and used it  to pan fry French toast with spectacular results. (We are talking spectacularly good, not spectacularly bad.) This is a great product.

    The last two NAR products that I tried were the Traditional Lemon Peel Jam and Traditional Mandarin Marmalade. They may both be traditional in Turkey, but I’m unsure that either one translates well to the US market.

    This particular “marmalade” isn’t what we (in the US) know as a marmalade (a jelly with some suspended slivers of rind), but a product that seems to be blended. As such, all you taste (besides a little sugar) is rind, and this is an overly bitter combination with an odd texture; I did not enjoy this product. My recommendation here is that NAR emulates how marmalades are made in the US (or even the UK, which is big on marmelades), in  order to produce a product appropriate to the market they are targeting.

    The Traditional Lemon Peel Jam is actually closer to a preserve than a jam, but I would describe it as candied lemon peel in syrup. The lemon peel is rolled up into little wheels, and aren’t really that enjoyable to chew on because of how big/thick the pieces are. Do I see possible uses for this product? Yes, if renamed something like “candied lemon peel in syrup,” I can see people using the candied lemon rinds and syrup in cooking, baking, and creation of  cocktails. You would chop the peels up to cook or bake with them.  I am sure they is a way to slice the peels up to use them to garnish a cocktail, and the syrup could definitely be used in cocktails.


  • 29Oct

    This is what was supposed to be in the produce box, but they ran out of some items so made substitutions. It would be nice if this list was representative of what they actually gave me in the box.

    I recently added an ad/coupon for Relay Foods (a grocery pickup/delivery service) to the right side of DCFüd so that our readers can save $30 off of $50 on their first order. (Or, you can use the code “9wz8kg” instead.) Relay Foods has many good quality products including those from local businesses and farms. I decided to try the grocery delivery service, and write this review about my experience with Relay Foods. I ordered $50 in groceries (total before adding the discount code).

    The Groceries:

    • Local Bounty Share Produce Box. Between the day of the order and the delivery, they changed the box to Fall produce. They should have sent me an email, so that I knew I’d get different produce than I’d ordered. The box did have good quality items, but some of the items in the Fall box were out of stock, so they replaced them with other items. Instead of 2 Asian pears, I received 1 pear but there was also 2 bell peppers instead of one. Instead of butternut squash,  received a small yellow summer squash. Instead of potatoes I received extra sweet potatoes.The greens in the box were organic mustard greens (that were actually from California while everything else seems to be local). The pear has a sticker identifying it as this Stemlit product (and organic); the pear was quite good.
    • Artisan Cuts‘ Freebird Whole Chicken from Artisan Cuts. Their description of the chicken: “These humanely raised chickens are grown in Amish Country, by experienced family farmers, who follow strict animal welfare standards. The chickens are free-roaming in well-ventilated, spacious barns, which offer more room than those of factory-raised birds. The chickens are vegetarian fed sun ripened corn and soybeans, and are never treated with antibiotics.” The chicken was very flavorful and obviously high quality; I will definitely purchase one in a future order.
    • Artisan Cuts’ Plainville Farms Ground Turkey – Fresh, 1 lb. I messed up the ground turkey meatballs by forgetting to add the beaten egg. They taste great, but are heavy and their texture is off, so can’t really judge the ingredient.
    • Family Ties & Pies‘ Mixed Berry Pistachio Scones, two Scones (frozen). I enjoyed the scones, and may try different varieties next time.
    • Mimi’s Whole Grain Cinnamon Rolls, Honey Whole Wheat, 6-8 Pack, 20 oz. These are very good when warmed up.
    • Mission Home Bakeshop‘s Homemade Honey Oatmeal Bread, 16 oz. This had great flavor and texture when used to make French toast.
    • Bombolini Pasta‘s Spinach Fettuccine, 16 oz. It arrived half frozen, but it should not have been frozen at all. When I cooked it, the pasta stuck together (because it is not packaged in one layer so it can be frozen), was gummy, and inedible. I let Relay Foods know about the inedible pasta, and they apologized, removed the item from my bill, and gave me a $5 credit to be used on a future item.

    Other good products Relay Foods Carries:

    Virginia Vinegar Works. I’ve only tried the Heritage Blend Red (which is a good local product) but I noticed that they have the 500 ml White Heritage Blend and Chardonnay varieties on sale for $7.20 (instead of $12) right now.

    Holy Grael Sorbet. My favorite of Holy Grael sorbet is the Blackberry Lime.

    Cavanna Pasta. I am a fan of their Artichoke-Pesto Cannelloni and Spinach-Egg Taglierni.

    Moorenko’s Ice Cream. I have written about this company previously, and Relay Foods carry one of my favorites, the Honey Lavender.

    Soupergirl. We wrote about this soup company in 2009.

    Pickup and Delivery:

    Relay Foods has a map of their pickup spots. You can also get your order delivered (for a fee) or signup for monthly delivery service (for a larger fee).

    Customer Service:

    Relay Foods’ customer service by email and phone is excellent. When I noticed that the ground turkey I ordered was listed in my confirmation message as frozen instead of fresh, I called Relay Foods to change the item. The representative said they were out of fresh ground turkey, told me how to edit my cart, and told me to check the site in the next few days to see if it was back in stock. I let her know that I’d remove the frozen item and that they could email me if they have the fresh version in the next few days. The representative agreed and stated that she would call their butcher. I got an email the next day saying the item is back in stock, and added it back to my order. Customer Service (as mentioned earlier) also handled the issue with the spinach pasta in a positive way.

    The delivery person was running a half hour late (there was a 2 hour range), a customer service person called me at the end of my time range to let me know. When the delivery person (who was very nice) gave me the box (and I checked it out), there was a whole chicken I didn’t order. She told me I could keep it for free.

    So, yes, there were a few glitches here and there, but it is a new business. I will definitely order from Relay Foods again.


  • 11Oct

    MOO ThruSome of the best Ice Cream I have ever had is available at farmer’s markets. Moo Thru is an example of this; their ice cream truck can be found at the Reston Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings (or their store in Remington, VA). They even sell pints. Who wouldn’t want to buy dairy products – in this case, ice cream – directly from dairy farmers? Their chocolate ice cream was rich, chocolatey, creamy, and delicious, and the vanilla is excellent as well. They told me that if they find anyone making better ice cream, they figure out how, so that they can improve theirs. (I hope that information wasn’t off the record.)

    NicecreamNicecream Factory (no, spell check, it isn’t a typo) is an ice cream company that uses (mostly) DC’s locally sourced ingredients and unique freezing agent liquid nitrogen, to create the premium ice cream right before your eyes. I say “mostly” local ingredients because the same week they told me they would no longer have strawberry ice cream because it is out of season, mango was one of their flavors. And, chocolate, coffee, and pistachios aren’t grown locally either.

    The picture in this article shows their menu (for that particular day earlier in the season) but they do seem to have a good variety of flavors available for pint delivery or pickup, although I can get their ice cream at their Kingstowne farmer’s market stand for the next couple of weeks (until the market closes on 10/25).

    Nicecream’s products are very flavorful and delicious, with my favorite flavors of theirs being the pistachio (this is my favorite rendition of pistachio ice cream anywhere) , strawberry basil, and chocolate sea salt.


  • 06Sep

    Looking for an alternative to the usual processed grain noodles? King Soba Noodle Culture offers a range of delicious organic gluten-free options to choose from. I recently tried their sweet potato- buckwheat flavor and was blown away by these delicious noodles. With a sweet tangy flavor and crunchy, but satisfying texture these noodles will become your new favorite go-to in the pantry. And with a range of interesting flavors like pumpkin, ginger and rice, and brown rice and wakame you’ll never get bored. You can find these noodles on Amazon or on their website.

    What made this dish truly come together for me though was the new stir fry sauce I tried from San-J. The new San-J Mongolian Marinade and Stir-Fry sauce just debuted this past summer. It has the perfect blend of ginger and garlic along with a sweet finishing flavor. It’s also the first of the San-J sauces to be certified completely GMO-free! I love all of the San-J sauces, but I’m a sucker for ginger and this gingery sweet blend might fast become a new favorite for me.

    I prepared my quick and easy meal by getting a pre-chopped Asian stir fry vegetable kit from Trader Joe’s. I then boiled my noodles and tossed the veggies and San-J sauce in a skillet at medium-high heat until all of my veggies were soft. I then drained my noodles, combined the veggies with the noodles and served. Delicious dinner in less that ten minutes. You can’t beat that.

    -JPM (Joyana)

  • 13Aug

    Tyrrells ChipsTyrrell’s is an English Potato chip company that makes high quality chips in small hand cooked batches. After growing in leaps and bounds in the UK since the company’s beginning in 2002, they have now launched seven new flavors here in the US. Unlike most of the repetitive potato chip flavors you usually see lining the shelves in the grocery stores, Tyrrell’s offers a range of unique flavors each experimenting with a tantalizing mix of ingredients. These are chip flavors you’ve never seen before, like Cheddar and Chives or Worcestershire Sauce and Sun-dried Tomato. My personal favorite was the Sweet Chile and Red Pepper.

    All the varieties I tried have the perfect balance of texture and flavor. Light and crunchy like a kettle chip, they’re the perfect snack for cocktails and entertaining. Since the chips are hand cooked, they do not feel greasy or leave a residue. If you’re looking for a satisfying new snack to add to your pantry, Tyrell’s Potato Chips are a can’t miss. Only word of caution, they may be addictive. Enjoy!

    You can even win chips through a variety of contests on their website.


    Editor’s note: Tyrrell’s Chips were represented at the summer Fancy Food Show in DC.


  • 31Jul

    I recently attended the Fancy Food Show in New York City, and as you can see in the above gallery, some great products were featured. I also got to test out some exhibitor’s product samples (many of which were sent to my home). Some sample highlights include:

    Nielsen-Massey’s Pure Vanilla Extract is a great product which I have substituted for my regular vanilla extract in my morning oatmeal.

    I’ve been grilling with Char Crust‘s spice rubs. I was always a fan of the Tunisian Fire and Bamboo Curry varieties, but their new Holy Mole is a hit on grilled chicken.

    I’ve tried some great Israeli products, including Olia’s Coffee Vinagrette (great as a grilled chicken thigh marinade), Shelley Anne‘s Whole Rye Crackers (these are addictive but the label isn’t clear on which seeds and grains are used), Neviot‘s Grape Flavored Water (my room mates downed it), and Baracke‘s Classic Halva (at only 99 calories per bar, the vanilla with pistachios variety was tasty).

    Citriburst Finger limes are long thin limes that you cut in half and squeeze to drop the tasty little lime pearls into a drink or seafood dish.

    I have been a fan of Chuao Chocolatier for quite some time. Some of my favorite Chuao chocolates include the Orange-A-Go-Go (dark chocolate and a combination of orange and the citrus fruit used in Earl Grey Tea (bergamot)), Pop Corn Pop (milk chocolate with little crunchy bits). and the Triple Nut Temptation Bar (Dark Chocolate with whole roasted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios). These chocolate bars are gluten free.

    Tortuga has always made some excellent Caribbean rum cakes (in a variety of flavors), but I also sampled two of their coffees (Rum Cream and Rum Liqueur) and two of their hot sauces (Jamaican Jerk) and Pepper sauces. The rum flavor combined well in both coffee varieties, so if you are a fan of both rum and coffee, these are the products for you. I made a batch of wings, and used each of the hot sauces on half the batch, and the wings all came out spicy and wonderful. I do thinks its funny that the spices listed on the jerk sauce bottle are “approved spices.” Approved by who and for what? I’m guessing the spices include allspice.

    Pukka makes some of the few herbal teas I actual like. Whoever blends the flavors knows what they were doing. My favorites are the Love (organic rose, chamomile & lavender), After Dinner/Calming (organic fennel, chicory & cardamom), Green Chai (fair trade organic herbal tea with sweet cinnamon & star anise), Three Ginger (organic ginger, galangal & golden turmeric), and Vanilla Chai (fair trade organic herbal tea with cinnamon & sweet vanilla).


  • 17Jul

    Last night, CAF and I ate at Zengo and sampled their current “Test Kitchen,” Hong Kong to San Juan. I will give Richard Sandoval Restaurants credit because although “fusion” often seems like a dirty word in the restaurant world,  Zengo has embraced the challenge and produced some compelling Asian/Latin dishes. This meal was so good that I jumped on Living Social and ordered their Zengo deal ($15 for $30) with the 20% off discount code (JULY20) which expires tomorrow evening. (Please use the Living Social link I just provided.)

    I have eaten at two of Zengo’s Test Kitchen events previously, and while both of those menus had some good dishes, every dish on the current Test Kitchen menu was outstanding. Yes, I would have made a couple of minor adjustments plating the Whole Crispy Fried Fish, but it was still a great dish and we were very happy that the fish of the day was red snapper. The red snapper was de-boned and left head on, which was an elegant way to present the whole fried fish. The Hong Kong Roast Chicken (prepared as an airline cut) was also a great dish, with the flavors of the Shaoxing wine, smoky rice and beans, and Chinese broccoli working well together. I enjoyed both the small plates, Adobo Sweet & Sour BBQ Pork Ribs and Foie Gras-Plantain Mofongo Shumai. The papa rellena (stuffed with cheese and bacon) from the rib dish should be served on the regular menu (if they are not already), possibly as happy hour bites. I was a bit worried about the foie gras dish since I am not a fan of that particular ingredient, but the shumai were delicious, with the black vinegar and ground pork topping adding to the success of the dumplings. The Coconut Tapioca Pudding (dessert) was served with lemon sorbet and guanabana espuma (foam).

    I have enjoyed some of the 3 cocktails served at these Test Kitchen events, but the current three offerings are spot on. The Lychee Bellini was a good drink  but subtle/girly for me, but CAF was greedy with it (and she isn’t even much of a drinker). I was all about the Gingered Bourbon cocktail, and we both were very happy with the Strawberry-Lemon Mojito (strong but good).


    Disclaimer: I’m sipping PitoRico Zangria and eating Loiza chocolates while writing this, so the following part of this article may be a bit happy and loopy. :)

    While visiting New York City for the Fancy Food Show, I attended one of the show’s after events. The event was held at the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s Manhattan office and showcased the talents of Chef Jose Enrique (named 2013 Food & Wine Magazine Best New Chefs) and some of the Puerto Rican products that were being promoted at the Fancy Food Show.

    Chef Jose Enrique, named one of 2013 Food & Wine Magazine Best New Chefs, prepared a few small dishes for us, and took the time to socialize a bit. The potato salad and the flan foam were standout dishes of Enriques.

    It was a pleasure to sample 7 Deadly Zings, a series of artisan tropical hot sauces, each equipped with its own ethnic ingredients and increasing heat index. PitoRico Cruz Distillery’s Puerto Rican Moonshines in island flavors such as coconut, tamarind, passion fruit and anise were flavorful and smooth, but because of negative American associations with the word “moonshine,” they should be called something else such as flavored liqueurs. Pitorro rums are very good, and I enjoyed having Mr. Cruz (owner/creator) walk us through the tasting so much that I kept ferrying people over to him.

    They did not have a tasting of Loiza chocolates at the Puerto Rican event, so I was lucky enough to snag a couple of pieces (and some PitoRico Zangria) in a sample bag at the Fancy Food Show. I’m trying the chocolate as I write this article. The 65% is very flavorful and has a nice texture, although I enjoyed the 72% better because it is a little stronger and is also less sweet; both are good products.


  • 16Jul

    The word gratifying means to give someone pleasure or satisfaction or to indulge or satisfy a desire. Well, this gluten-free food company could not have chosen a better name. Gratify Foods (a summer NYC Fancy Food Show presentermakes certified gluten-free pretzels. They have the perfect texture while also experimenting with substantial flavors. They also offer a wide range of these flavors satisfying every kind of craving. Whether you’re looking for sweet or salty they have it all. Their chocolate covered pretzels definitely satisfied my sweet tooth, leaving me licking the crumbs from the bottom of the bag after polishing it off in one sitting.

    My other personal favorite was their Sesame Seed Thins. The added flavor of the sesame seeds mingled with the pretzels gave an extra kick to an already great classic. I strongly recommend you give these a try.

    Even their classic Sea Salt Sticks passed the flavor test. My husband and I went to a winery recently with friends for a wine and cheese pairing, so I threw a bag of the Sea Salt pretzels into the car so I’d have something to munch on with my cheese. My friends ended up abandoning their own “normal” crackers to munch on my gluten-free pretzels instead, declaring them to be “Awesome!” Everyone agreed that had they not known they were gluten-free, they would have assumed them to be “normal pretzels.”

    Overall, Gratify Pretzels are a welcome addition to the gluten-free market. I appreciate their fine attention to detail in taking the proper safety precautions in their preparation to earn certification standing. And also for taking equal time in developing a product with a delicious taste and texture. You can find Gratify Pretzels on Amazon.com.


  • 03Jun

    Alter Eco ChocolateAlter Eco Chocolate Bars (and quinoa) are organically grown, fairly traded, hand cultivated, Non GMO, and Carbon Zero Certified.

    We sampled a variety of Alter Eco’s products, including:

    Dark Quinoa (60%): This chocolate has nutty toasted quinoa and a nice flavor and crunch. Plus, Quinoa is healthy, right? This is the Alter Eco bar both “S” and I kept reaching for, so is our favorite of the Alter Eco bars. While we are mentioning quinoa, We’ve also tried Alter Eco’s Organic Royal Red Quinoa and Organic Royal Black Quinoa, both of which are nutty, flavorful, and delicious, so we are not surprised that they did such a good job on the Dark Quinoa bar.

    Dark Mint (60%): This one is bold, brisk, a little crispy, and has a nice mint flavor. This one is my second favorite Alter Eco bar.

    Dark Cacao (63% cocoa): This one has cocoa nibs and is crunchy with a bittersweet bite.  They definitely did a great job on the texture and flavor of this one.

    Dark Twist (60%). I agree with Alter Ego that this bar (which features crystallized orange peel) is vibrant and tangy. This is a “go to” bar for me, but I do love combinations of chocolate and citrus.

    Dark Blackout (85%): This bar is dark, deep, and fruity, and not as strong as I expected at 85% cocoa. I enjoyed it much more than I would have expected.

    Dark Noir (60% cocoa): This is their standard dark chocolate, and is dark, rich, and a bit sweet and smooth.

    Dark Velvet (47% cocoa: has a touch of milk and is velvety smooth): This one is a little mild for my taste.

    Dark Almond (60%): This bar has a great chocolate flavor, but does not have the almond flavor I expect from this combination.

    A note about fiber in the Alter Eco bars:  Th Dark Blackout is the clear winner in the fiber wars with 5 grams of fiber per serving. The Dark Cacao and the Dark Almond have 4 grams of fiber per serving. The Dark Quinoa and Dark Twist have 3 grams of fiber per serving, while the Dark Velvet only has 2 grams.

    We also got to sample a few of Zoe’s  Chocolate Company‘s products. Zoe’s is based in both Frederick, MD and Waynesboro, PA. Their truffles arrived packaged nicely in a small brown pack with a pink ribbon.

    The ZCC Cafe Truffle‘s gnache filling has a nice creamy texture, and is definitely good quality chocolate. ZCC describes this truffle as “Dark chocolate ganache infused with freshly roasted Greek blend coffee beans enrobed in creamy milk chocolate.”

    Zoe's Sports Bar.

    Zoe’s Sports Bar.

    The Dionysus Baklava Truffle  is like chocolate covered baklava, and has good texture that is both soft and crunchy; this is definitely a truffle I could just keep reaching for. ZCC describes it as “Creamy Greek honey combined with roasted walnuts and baklava spice, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in a blend of nuts & spice.”

    The clear winner in the ZCC products was the Sports Bar, which has a great combination of chocolaty, peanutty, sweet, and salty flavors; this is a delicious and chocolate bar that also has great texture. The bar unfortunately is basically shrinkwrap sealed, so it is not packaged in a manner where it can be easily opened or resealed. ZCC’s description of the Sports Bar is below:

    “Our Sports Bar was the all time favorite for the world leaders to get a taste of an all-American traditional pastime, the big game. Crispy puffed caramelized popcorn-like rice crisps mixed into luscious dark chocolate and topped with carefully roasted honeyed peanuts. A little salty and a little sweet.”

    Expect more product reviews from DCFüd this summer since I will be attending the Fancy Food Show in New York City later this month.


  • 23Apr

    I recently attended Shecky’s Night Out in DC, despite the “No Boys Allowed” rule. I was hoping to see Rachel DeAlto speak (since I’ve written with her for another publication and have never actually met her), but unfortunately, Shecky’s rescheduled and Rachel had an obligation to speak in New Jersey that evening. Shecky’s had various vendors including fashion, bath products, and cosmetics, but also Merlot’s Masterpiece (painting/wine events) and Chouquette. Why am I mentioning Shecky’s night out? I’ll tell you why. I got to try Chouquette‘s chocolates, and they were definitely among the best things I’ve eaten lately.

    I would like to insert a little feedback for Shecky’s. You probably want food at the event, even if it is a vendor (and you make money off it), since shopping and diet cocktails seem to make make girls hungry–I saw some of them tearing into the Orville Redenbacher Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Crunch samples that were part of the event’s gift bag like they needed the calories and sugar to keep their shopping pace up.

    Other great things we have eaten lately:

    My new favorite healthy snacks are Saffron Road‘s Bombay Spice Crunchy Chick Peas. I like the Felafel flavor as well (but would like it more if it had a bit less flavoring), and have yet to open the wasabi-flavored bag. I will say that the zippers do not work well because the spices get into them during manufacturing.

    Frontera’s New Mexico Taco Skillet sauce is a quick way to make tasty tacos. We used ground turkey, avocado, lettuce, and tomato in our tacos. The Texas version is good too, but I prefer the New Mexico.

    The spicy wings at Rice & Noodles in Franconia are excellent and are part of a 2 courses for $10 or $11 special from Sunday through Wednesday. The wings take20 minutes, so make sure they know to bring the food out as it is ready or that one dish will slow you down. I have really liked most of the dishes I’ve had at R&N, but there has been an occasional clunker R&N delivers within 3 miles.

    April’s DC Food Blogger Happy Hour was hosted by Daphne of Go Gastronomy at the downtown location of ChixDC. I was surprised at how good the food was at ChixDC, including the Caribbean wings special. (The next DCFBHH is hosted by me on May 1st at Ambar.)

    Last night, I tried Daikaya‘s (Shoyu) Ramen for the first time, and was very impressed. The nitamago (marinated soft-boiled egg) is delicious. The pork dumplings are good as well. The downstairs space s a ramen house, while the upstairs space is a restaurant with a nice long bar and beautiful decor.

    Daikaya‘s printed menus (both at the upstairs and downstairs restaurants) are designed in such a way that they are hard to navigate, and are a bit frustrating; you have to flip back and forth a lot to follow the menus. It was nice that they sat me right at the middle of the bar because I got to see and take pictures of the ramen as it was plated. Once the upstairs restaurant launches a happy hour menu, I’ll probably check it out.


    Daikaya on Urbanspoon

    Rice & Noodles Thai Gourmet on Urbanspoon

    Chix on Urbanspoon

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