• 16Dec

    We attended Liberty BBQ‘s packed soft opening yesterday evening. The restaurant is owned by the group behind Liberty Tavern, Lyon Hall, and Northside Social, and is located in the old Famous Dave’s space on West Broad Street. A second Northside Social will open down the street from Liberty BBQ soon.

    Our favorite items were the ribs, followed by the brisket and pulled chicken. We also enjoyed the pickles they serve on the side. The collards and Brussels sprouts were alright, but we did not enjoy the baked beans, which were made with navy beans and included an odd flavor (mustard?) for that particular dish. We will definitely return for the smoked meats, especially the ribs. The chocolate sheet cake was decent, but I probably would not order it again.

    We do want to return to try out the pickle-brined fried chicken.

    The food was a good value with three smoked meats and three sides costing $19.


  • 16Jul

    Oklahoma Joe’s at Dunn-Loring Metro is now District BBQ.

    We recently read Time Carman’s article entitled “District BBQ and three other runners-up for best barbecue in the D.C. area,” leading us to believe that more had changed at this establishment than just the restaurant’s name. We’ve been to Oklahoma Joe’s a few times, and after finding the pulled chicken and pork, and sliced brisket to be bland, mainly returned a few times for the baked beans, French fries, and chicken chili. We headed to the restaurant in question this weekend (hoping for improved BBQ), but when we arrived, they assured us the food had not changed at all. We were already there and hungry, so ordered the Grand Champion ($29.99), which includes sliced brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, pulled chicken (we substituted turkey) and three sides (not counting the bed of French fries the meat rests on).

    The Sides:

    Yes, we ordered two sides of beans, since it is something that is done well here. The chicken chili would have been a good option as well. Yes, we asked for extra pickles. The onion rings had a thick crunchy coating and were well-executed. No complaints about the fries either. We really wish they would add a vegetable side such as collards or some other kind of cooked greens to the menu. I realize that the closest Oklahoma Joe’s come to a vegetable is green beans in only one of its locations in OK, but now … the name has changed, so that excuse doesn’t hold. Green beans would suffice if they were fresh and prepared well.

    The BBQ:

    The pulled pork, turkey, and sliced brisket lack flavor, but are edible if you cover them in BBQ sauce (including their vinegar BBQ sauce). The ribs and burnt ends were enjoyable enough (because they already have BBQ sauce added).

    We wouldn’t travel out of our way to eat here, but it’s a decent option if you live or work nearby, are craving BBQ, and order well.


    • Burnt Ends
    • Ribs
    • Beans
    • French Fries
    • Onion Rings



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  • 22Jun

    Perdue Chicken through some tickets our way for this weekend (6/25 and 6/26), both for our writers to attend, and for some of our readers.  The tickets are good for EITHER Saturday or Sunday.  Winners will be chosen randomly.

    We have a couple of pairs of tickets to give away.  To enter, send an email to  “contest@dcfud.com” before 9:00 AM on 5/24 (Friday) with the subject “BBQ Entry” and “Saturday” or “Sunday,” depending on which day you will attend.  Example: “BBQ Entry Saturday” or BBQ Entry Sunday.”

    Include your first and last name and cell number in the body of the email .  Only one entry per person (regardless of how many email addresses you have).  The above email address is only for contest entry and is not for questions or comments. When the winners are chosen, I’ll comment on this post to that effect.  If you really do have questions, email me at jay@dcfud.com.

    In order to pick up the tickets, you will meet up with one of us (Alex on Saturday or me on Sunday) at the festival entrance (probably) at noon.

    From Perdue:  “Your ticket will be your all-access pass to tasty barbecue, more than 30 bands on 3 stages with continuous music and fun activities.  On Saturday, June 25, our executive chef, Chris Moyer, will be hosting a chicken recipe demonstration at the event and we will judge the Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken BBQ Contest.  We’ll also be serving up our delicious chicken.”

    Good luck.




  • 23Jun

    Ate at Rocklands (Arlington) last night, and while they have not always been consistent in the past, the blue plate special I ordered was good.

    Trailer Park is pulled pork over cornbread with their fresh slaw on top, and 2 sides and a drink: $9.99.   I chose rice and beans as one side, and collards as the other.   I also chose sweet tea. Everything was good and it’s a great deal (and a lot of food) for $10. Not sure how often they offer it.


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