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    On an unassuming corner at the very end of the Woodmont Triangle area of Bethesda lies Bistro LaZeez. I stay fairly up on restaurants across the DC metro region, but this one had somehow flown under my radar, and it’s probably under yours—but it shouldn’t be.

    Bistro LaZeez is small but warmly decorated, and offers sidewalk seating. Lively music is a nice touch. Staff is quite friendly.

    The first time I visited, I opted for takeout during lunch (about 15 minutes—call ahead). I ordered the grilled lamb sandwich platter (not pictured) and chose hummus as my side. The hummus was creamy and delicious, and I appreciated the herb and whole chickpea topping. The sandwich was huge and well-filled, with plenty of lamb and spiciness (from their special sauce, which is similar to harissa).

    On my subsequent visit, I tried a variety of mezze. A sampler platter is only offered with the spreads (hummus, baba ganoush, etc.) only, but I was happy enough to create my own with fried kibbe (fried balls of seasoned beef), halloumi (a thick cheese best served seared), and dolma (vegetarian stuffed grape leaves). I highly recommend the kibbe; it is well-seasoned, perfectly crispy, and served on a bed of sumac-dusted salad. The halloumi is topped with pomegranate reduction, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives, so while it is a beautiful dish, it has a lot going on. It’s definitely tasty though. Dolma (stuffed grape leaves) was a nice respite to the heavier cheese and meat mezze. Filled with rice and herbs and drizzled with olive oil, the fresh flavors of the dolma complemented my other picks. Parsley potatoes were a nice touch. I found the portions quite big, so come hungry.

    When looking for a quick, casual Mediterranean meal, Bistro LaZeez is your spot.

    -LEM (Lia)

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