• 17Sep

    Dannon rejects calls to remove crushed bugs from its yogurts: ‘Carmine is a safe natural food color, and we label it clearly on pack.’ Click on pic to reach the ts Food Navigator article.

    I have always thought it is wrong that the food industry pushes products with ingredients made from bugs on people who probably don’t know which items on a label are insect derived. Obviously these companies are doing it because those ingredients are cheaper and people if the labels were clearer, people would stop buying those products.

    While I am not surprised to find these products in Easter candy (jelly beans), Halloween candy (candy corn), and most candies that have a hard shell (with the exception of M&Ms), Dannon yogurt is seen as a more wholesome product. One of Dannon’s slogans is “High quality ingredients create a high quality product.” One of the nation’s most powerful natural health watchdog groups, Citizen’s for Health, along with a national fitness guru, have entered the fight against bug-based food coloring after Dannon yogurt ignored consumer concerns about their use of crushed insects as an intentional ingredient.” There is a petition circulating about this, Berries Vs. Bugs, so if you want to send Dannon a message, sign it.

    Also, if you are interested in food policy, check out Food Tank.


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