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    Savor was a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the beer and food pairings. I attended one of the salons and a media tour, which took about 80 minutes out of actually seeing the show. So, I never found the oysters or tried the cheeses, but I still ate and drank quite a bit.

    I do love chocolate, and chocolate and beer can go together quite well. I did see some chocolates made with beer

    Flying dog (from Frederick, MD) paired a chocolate they make with Raging Bitch (IPA) and blood orange with (you guessed it) Raging Bitch. Great piece of chocolate and great pairing with their beer. Biagio should carry it. I’d love to see more beer and chocolate combinations in stores (like Coco Sala‘s Father’s day item, stout chocolate truffles).

    The crowd was too large to fit in one picture.

    I attended the beer and chocolate pairing salon. Fred Bueltman of New Holland Brewing (based in Holland, Michigan) paired his beers with Gail Ambrosius‘ chocolates (from Madson Wisconsin). Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer was his Co-host. The chocolates and beer were quite good as were the pairings.

    The pairings:

    • Golden Cap (Saison Ale 2008) with a Cointreau Truffe
    • Dragon’s Milk (Ale aged in oak barrels, 2007) with a Shitake Truffle (which I skipped due to a mushroom allergy).
    • Black Tulip (Trippel Ale, 2008) with a Lemongrass & Ginger Truffle.
    • Pilgrim’s Dale (Wheatwine, 2008) and a Seasalt Caramel.
    • Night Tripper (Imperial Stout, 2008) and Cinnamon & Cayenne Truffe)

    While I don’t often enjoy (oak aged) Chardonnay, I loved Dragon’s Milk ale.  Too bad I’m allergic to the paired truffle, so didn’t try it.  Night tripper is similar to barley wine.  Black Tulip is made with Michigan beet syrup.

    I’m looking forward to next year’s Savor.  I’m hoping they add a day next year so that the show doesn’t sell out as easily, and more people can attend.  As is, thousands of people attended.

    Related beer news (from my inbox):

    Senate Small Brewers Caucus Established:

    Boulder, CO • June 20, 2011—The Brewers Association (BA) shared the news today that the Senate Small Brewers Caucus has been established. The formation of the Caucus was led by Senators Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), who support the role of America’s small and independent brewers as an engine of economic growth in the country.”


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