• 02Nov

    I attended the launch/Halloween party for Wizards in the Kitchen and scored myself a signed copy of the book. The authors (Brandon and Laura Millett) were fun to talk to and can be seen cooking on this Channel 9 video. The book looks like a Dungeons & Dragons manual.

    The book is broken into 13 sections that include recipes and lists of ingredients that can help you achieve a specific quality. Some of these chapters include Romance, Vigor, Purity, Peace, Success, Protection, Wealth, and Fertility. Some of the ingredients such as garlic and chili are featured in the ingredient lists at the beginning of various chapters.

    As an example, the recipes in the chapter “Peace, a feast for finding harmony” include:

    • Passionate shrimp cocktail
    • Purple peace soup
    • Beans and Rice with vervaine dressing
    • Pork with spicy passion fruit sauce
    • Candied flowers
    • Lavender chocolate bark

    In general, the recipes in the book look good, and the stories at the beginning of the chapters are entertaining. Having an interest in herbs and remedies, I did expect the ingredients and their beneficial properties to be explained. I see this book as entertainment (and a possible gift) for someone who is into the world of fantasy (Harry Potter, AD&D, King Arthur, etc.) and also dabbles in the kitchen.



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